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Download Film The Bleeding House (2011)

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SINOPSIS-In an old house in the farm lands outside of a small town live the infamous Smith family: Marilyn (Betsy Aidem) and Matt (Richard Bekins) and children Gloria (Alexandra Chando), 16, and Quentin (Charlie Hewson), 18. They live a sheltered lifestlye, their social options curtailed by an unspoken secret from years ago that has alienated them from the townspeople. Rather than go through the hassle of moving and starting over, however, they stick it out, hoping that time will heal all wounds.
Then, one evening, a stranger comes calling. He's a genial Southern gentleman named Nick (Patrick Breen) who flashes old-timey charm and says that his car has broken down. In truth, he's about to break up the family's stagnant existence. He comes bearing secrets himself. He knows more about the Smiths than he lets on, but even he is surprised by what he finds in the bleeding house.
The Bleeding House is a bold, smart debut from writer-director Philip Gelatt that stands out from a horror landscape dominated by tiresome torture porn and paint-by-number attempts to shock that ironically prove dull and predictable. It's admirably understated -- utilizing limited music and matter-of-fact kills -- making it feel at times as much like an indie dysfunctional family drama as a horror flick.
The dialogue is sharp, even if Nick is a bit of a Foghorn Leghorn caricature, and the story keeps viewers on their toes with its quick pace, intriguing characters and plot twists that, while not unpredictable, still play out with juicy theatrics. With its limited, one-house setting and impassioned monologues (courtesy of Nick), it has the air of a play, though the cast is not quite Broadway caliber. They're effective enough, though, when given a strong script like The Bleeding House, which is hopefully a sign of things to come in Gerlatt's promising career.
Informasi Film The Bleeding House (2011)
Release Date: 20 April 2011
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Cast: Alexandra Chando, Patrick Breen and Betsy Aidem
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