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Download Film Chrome Skull : Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

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SINOPSIS-The first Laid to Rest flick was one of the few straight to DVD success stories of the last decade. The film gave us a cool slasher icon… unfortunately, they killed the guy off at the end of the first film. This necessitates one of the most hackneyed sequel bridges I’ve ever seen as a crew of dudes show up and basically put Chrome Skull back together again. It’s obvious that a sequel to this film was never planned, and that Laid to Rest 2′s plot is cobbled together by unbelievable leaps in logic. To top it all off, the film looks terrible.
The film starts off with the abysmal sequel-bridging scene, which is shot like a less-interesting CSI episode. There are loads of unwarranted shaky-cam moments, cheap dialogue, and flavorless exposition. Most fans will turn the film off within the first 15 minutes, but it does get better. Once, all the kings horses and all the king’s men put Chrome Skull back together again, the story actually starts to move. Chrome Skull is back to his old tricks, and tying up loose ends with the help of his twisted lackeys, a crew of suited, moral-less henchman who are fine with crafting torture devices for Chrome Skull’s bloody exploits. If that’s all the film was, it would be a great movie… unfortunately, Laid to Rest 2 attempts to come off like some sort of cheap Saw clone, obviously with the idea in mind that they are going to keep pumping out sequel after sequel for this franchise.
A girl who is slowly going blind is kidnapped, and the male survivor from the first film is the police’s only clue to the disappearance. These weak police investigations are interspersed throughout the film, dragging the movie down into the realm of forgettability. Basically, the cops are closing in on Chrome Skull, and the only real question is, “Is this screaming blind bitch going to survive?”
Robert Hall’s first foray into the world of Chrome Skull was a magical ride of brutality and standard-issue slasher mechanics. The sequel is a gimmicky mess. Hall eschews the solid camerawork of the first film for something that essentially plays out like a found-footage flick. Even when the camera stops shaking around, the cinematography looks lackluster and rather bland. The sets look cheap than a five-dollar hooker, the story doesn’t makes about as much sense as drafting a kicker number one in a fantasy football league, and Chrome Skull loses a bit of his luster. The only thing that Laid to Rest 2 has going for it is that it’s still brutal as hell.
The effects in Laid to Rest 2, just like in the first film, make the movie. Unfortunately, with this sequel, there are so many flaws, that I can’t recommend the flick to anyone but special effects fans. The kills are violent, bloody, and wonderfully constructed with a combination of practical effects and digital effects. The blood flows liberally, and there’s loads of good stuff to check out.
Sadly, solid kills do not make up for all the other terrible decisions on display in the film. This is easily the most disappointing sequel of the year… but at least it’s not Hatchet II bad. If they’re going to continue making Laid to Rest movies, and I have an idea that they are, then they need to up the ante a little bit. Develop a good story, invest in the look of the film, and then stay away from any terrible gimmickry. Fans liked the first film because it was a straightforward slasher flick with great kills and a story that at least made sense. A return to those guidelines would ensure that Chrome Skull doesn’t become a bothersome annoyance like Jigsaw did after the second Saw flick.
Informasi Film Chrome Skull : Laid to Rest 2 (2011)
Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1792799/
Release Date: 20 September 2011
Genre: Horror
Stars: Brian Austin Green, Thomas Dekker and Mimi Michaels
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