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Download Film Exsorcismus (2010)

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SINOPSIS-It tells of a secluded, home-schooled teenager Emma, whose uncontrolled behaviour causes her to believe she is Possessed by the Devil. When terrible things start to happen to her friends and family, her parents grudgingly call in the help of her uncle who is a priest to drive out the evil spirits.
Cast : Sophie Vavasseur as Emma Hawkins, Tommy Bastow as Alex Evans, Richard Felix as John, Stephen Billington, Doug Bradley as Priest, Isamaya ffrench as Rose Evans, Lazzaro Oertli as Mark Hawkins (Emma's brother)
Release : Screening rights were secured in the UK by E1 Entertainment, in Australia by Vendetta, in Italy by Mediafilm, by Gulf Film for the Middle East, Lusomundo for Portugal and CDi acquired the screening rights for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The film will release in the United States as The Possession of Emma Evans, which is set for 2011.
Informasi Film Exsorcismus (2010)
Directed by : Manuel Carballo
Produced by : Julio Fernández
Written by : David Muñoz
Starring                : Tommy Bastow, Stephen Billington, Doug Bradley, Sophie Vavasseur
Cinematography : Javier Salmones
Editing by : Manuel Carballo
Studio : Filmax
Distributed by : Filmax
Language : English
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