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Download Film Kingdom of Gladiators (2011)

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SINOPSIS-In an ancient world where magic is common and mighty Gladiator warriors roam, a King faced by merciless opponents enters into a pact with a demon to ensure his victory at all costs. After ruling for many years, the mysterious demon reappears to the King at a Royal Tournament and claims his settlement the lives of the court s descendants and eventually the destruction of mankind. Only the bravest Gladiators known to man, can save the world from ultimate destruction in a battle to the death! Three powerful gladiators are chosen from the competitors to hunt down the demon, break his spell and protect the realm. But as the forces of darkness prepare to rise, can the gladiators overcome their differences and undertake an incredible adventure that may end in the ultimate sacrifice? The warriors are ready, let the final battle commence.
Informasi Film Kingdom of Gladiators (2011)
Genre : Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Director : Stefano Milla
Writers : Stefano Milla, Marco Viola
Cast : Maurizio Corigliano, Sharon Fryer, Leroy Kincaid, Suzi Lorraine, Bryan Murphy, Matt Polinsky ,Annie Social
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