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Download Film March of the Dinosaurs (2011)

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SINOPSIS-March of the Dinosaurs, a 90min long documentary that tells the story of how some Cretaceous dinosaurs migrated hunds of miles to exploit the rich feeding grounds of the far north, whilst other dinosaurs made the north and its freezing, dark winters their permanent home, The programmes is based on real scientific evidence that some types of dinosaurs migrated vast distances to exploit food reserves whilst others made the far north of America their permanent residence. The story of the migration (an Edmontosaurus herd) is narrated by Stephen Fry. It is a feature length animation that shows how dinosaurs lived more than seventy million years ago in the Arctic Circle. To read about the research work that the programme is based upon: Dinosaurs of the Arctic The programme follows the story of two young dinosaurs – Scar, a young vegetarian Edmontosaurus who hatched in the spring, and Patch, a young male feathe, raptor-like Troodon. As a carnivore, Patch has fed all summer on baby Edmontosaurus. Unfortunately for him his favourite food is shortly going to be heading south. Troodon like Patch are equipped to cope through the winter and the film follows his stay in the harsh North. It will be survival of the fittest as they fight for the remaining food in the permanent darkness. Everyone and everything is fair game. Such scenarios are scene with extant animals today, such as the Arctic Fox which enjoys a time of plenty when the migrating birds arrive and nest, but the foxes face leaner times when the birds leave.
Informasi Film March of the Dinosaurs (2011)
Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1737591/
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Documentary | Animation | Drama
Director: Matthew Thompson
Cast: Stephen Fry
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