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Download Film Champ (2011) | Boxsoffice

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SINOPSIS Film Champ (2011)-Horse jockey Seung-ho loses his wife in a fatal car accident. The accident also leaves him practically blind. No longer able to work, he leads an aimless life with his little daughter. Things take turn for the worse when he loses all his savings after trying to cheat at the horse track and flees to a remote ranch in Jeju Island. There he meets a violent and limping horse Woo-bak and he trains the horse ready for race. Against all odds, Seung-ho and Woo-bak finishes first in the preliminaries but when Seung-ho’s blindness is discovered by the officials, they’re disqualified from the finals. Woo-bak rejects all other jockeys and direly awaits Seung-ho to come back. The limping horse and his blind jockey bet everything to race one last time.
Informasi Film Champ (2011)
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Drama | Sport
Cast: Cha Tae-hyeon, Yoo Oh-seong, Park Ha-seon, Kim Soo-jeong, Park Won-sang, Baek Do-bin
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