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Download Film Ecstasy (2011)

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SINOPSIS-ECSTASY is a contemporary and relevant film about how drugs transcend all borders of society and affect every facet of our lives. But when it leaves it takes away your soul. A new party drug arrives on the rave scene in a college town and is consumed openly by young people. It’s irresistible making you feel invincible, beautiful, intelligent and loved. This haunting psychological thriller centers around a mother’s struggle to save her daughters from going down the same dark path she once took, a handsome jock’s (Charlie Bewley, from “Twilight – New Moon”) misplaced faith in God stemming from the temptations that surrounds him, and three college girls horrific experience with their drug-induced guilt, fears and demons.
Informasi Film Ecstasy (2011)
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Director : Lux
Writers : Ryan M. Andrews, Raymond H. Law
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