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Download Film Robotropolis (2011)

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SINOPSIS-New Town is a futuristic city built to house the workers of a giant oil refinery. Designed by the benevolent billionaire industrialist Gordon Standish, it’s unique feature is that a large portion of its infrastructure and workforce are fully articulated robots. With Phase 1 (robots working in the refinery) and Phase 2 (robots working in the city) now complete, Kobler is confident enough to allow for the first time a news crew to come and film a report on his success. Global Network News sends top reporter Christiane Neuveaux, along with her camera crew Lisa and Danny, and her production team headed by her on/off boyfriend Jason Brooks. However, mid live broadcast, the newscrew capture a murder commited by one of the robots. Soon other robots are also committing homicide and the news-crew find themselves in deadly danger, while Kobler tries to understand what’s going wrong.
REVIEW-Robotropolis is a film that tries hard but ultimately doesn’t work thanks to its limited budget. It’s difficult to do justice to a story involving mass destruction of a city by rampaging robots when you don’t have a budget anywhere near Michael Bay proportions. Instead we see mere glimpses of what’s going on in reasonably rendered fashion.
The pacing of the film is very slow too. It doesn’t help that Global News Network’s logos take about 30 seconds of screentime every time they’re shown (which feels like more than were probably shown). The news reports themselves are quite well presented, and would make a typical fluff peace on the news. The incident which kicks off the robot rampage is pretty hilarious. In the background behind Christiane as she’s recording part of her report, a bunch of guys are playing soccer with one of the robots. One of the players gets into a heated argument with the robot, so the robot shoots him in retaliation! What makes the scene even more farcical though is the reaction of the other players, who just kind of mill around for a couple of seconds then wander off the field, without even looking at their shot friend!
There are some scenes which are handled much better, thankfully, such as the death of one of the news crew, again caught on camera, but this time with some real emotion and interaction. There’s also a great chase sequence towards the end as some of the survivors are chased through the jungle by attack dog-like robots.
There was one big question bugging me the whole time I was watching this. Why on earth were these robots, built for the purpose of helping the community in a benign manner, being equipped with guns and flamethrowers? Why were there attack dog robots?
The cast do okay with the material they’re given. Edward Foy probably shines best as the producer and more pro-active hero. There’s a good little scene showing the working relationship between him and Christiane as he feeds her suggestions of what to say during a live feed, reacting to the death of the worker. Lani John Tupu is also good as Gordon Standish, an idealist who really wants to change the world for the better. His best scene comes when he has to confront the person behind the robot rebellion, a great mix of anger and despair.
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